Being white and Filipina I find it difficult to find spaces where I can bring my whole self and experience a sense of belonging. The choir is that place for me. It’s powerful to be part of a diverse community that is co-creating music while working on anti-racism with intention. Resounding Love is truly living its vision of a world where the arts are central to racial healing and liberation.
— Kara L.

Willie Mullins testimonial image

I’m excited and inspired to be a part of such an amazing group of people, looking to not only praise and celebrate the world, but also aspiring and working to make it a better place.  And…we get to sing!
– Willie M.  

Jackie C testimonial image

As a White choir member, actively engaging in honest self-examination and stepping into anti-racism work was new for me. I felt overwhelmed and late to the party and didn’t know where to start. The group met me right where I was, with “resounding love,” grace, and accountability.  I’ve been empowered and charged to continue this work in ways that are authentic to me. I had no idea how much this experience would change my life — in all the best ways.
— Jackie S.