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Introducing: Resounding Love
Interfaith Gospel Choir


A call to act: In response to the horrific events in Atlanta in March, Resounding Love Interfaith Gospel Choir presents its newest video, “Waymaker” by Sinach. Let its message compel you to be a waymaker in the struggle against racism and sexism.

Composer: Waymaker words and music by Sinach
Music production: Teddy ‘Bladde’ Harmon
Director: Marshan Moultry
Choir: Resounding Love Interfaith Gospel Choir
Audio & video editing: Markdavin Obenza

Jesus is My Help

“Jesus is My Help” released in loving memory of Janice Brooks, mother to Co-Founder Marshan Moultry. She passed from this life into the next in November 2020. 

It is Well

Our first performance together is this video of “It is Well” by Marshan Moultry. The choir was formed during the COVID-19 pandemic and has never rehearsed in person.

This video and the composition “It is Well” are protected by copyright. Reproduction, broadcasting, and distribution are prohibited without permission. Please send inquiries to

Video: © 2020  Resounding Love Center for the Arts
“It is Well”: © 1992 Marshan Moultry