our vision

a world where the arts are central to racial healing and liberation

our mission

Resounding Love Center for the Arts fosters racial healing, co-laboring toward social justice for all, and transformative experiences through music and other forms of artistic expression. 

our core values

striving toward antiracism

based in love, joy, growth, learning, and connection

honoring the past and present, moving toward a more liberated future

coexistence and belonging for all faiths and forms of spirituality

ensuring equity, not equality, as we share resources and airtime

staying engaged through discomfort to enable growth and healing

self-awareness and self-care, taking responsibility for our well-being

transformation of ourselves in service of our mission 

our origin

Resounding Love Center for the Arts was born in early 2020 out of a simple desire to bring the best aspects of a church-based gospel music experience to a radically inclusive, open-and-affirming global space. We recognized that those components were a sense of family, loving and inclusive messages, and gospel music in the African-American tradition.

We widened the invitation to include those who—for a variety of reasons—choose not to seek the experience in a church setting. Resounding Love is explicitly interfaith and welcomes all forms of spiritual expression. We are multiracial and strive to create authentic relationship and racial healing among our members and in the wider world. While our current incarnation is Resounding Love Interfaith Gospel Choir, the spoken word, dance, the visual arts, and other forms of expression contribute to our collective transformation and healing.